Got your CCW? Great! Now what?

This class is designed to be taken either before your CCW, but in many cases it is taken after your attaining your Concealed Carry Weapons License.  Either way this course is designed to get you to a state of proficiency and comfort that you are truly ready to carry your firearm.  Give yourself the tools and training necessary to gain the confidence to carry your firearm and use it, IF you have to.  This course will teach you:

             -The proper technique to draw from your holster

             - Immediate action techniques- to keep you in the fight if your gun malfunctions

             - Reloading your firearm-Slide-lock reloads and Tactical Reloads

             - Proper Sight alignment and Accuracy Training- Both Target and Tactical Accuracy

             - Shooting: Strong hand only and Weak Hand only

             - Engaging multiple targets in Tactical priority

             - Shooting from behind cover

This four hour class requires students to have their own firearm, a good holster, at least two magazines or speed loaders with a carrier, a cover garment and 150-200 rounds of ammunition.  This class is also a pre-requisite for the advanced Tactical 1 class that I offer. 

Class location varies but is usually: Carson City Range, Washoe Country Range and/or Washoe County BLM