This course is designed with the beginner shooter in mind.  All safety equipment, ammunition, targets and firearms will be provided.  The goal of this course is to introduce the student to various types, actions, and sizes of firearms to help them decide which firearm is the best for them.  The class consists of 3 hours of classroom learning and about 1  hour of personal training range time.  Each student will schedule 1 hour of personal training after the class, at their convenience.  The class covers:

                 - Safe gun handling and firing

                 - Cleaning and storage of firearms

                 - Selecting the right firearms (Size, action type, and caliber)

                 - Selecting the right ammunition for your firearm

                 - Live fire of both semi-auto pistols and revolvers

                 - Calibers covered:

                           - .22 Long Rifle

                           - .380 ACP

                           - 9mm Luger

                           - .38 Special

                           - .40 S&W

                           - .45 ACP

                           - .357 Magnum

This class is a great way to introduce new shooters (of any age) to the shooting sports in a safe and controlled environment.  My way of teaching is " you have to learn to crawl, before you learn to walk." Many new shooters are taught poorly with big caliber firearms, with no safety equipment and no training as to the safe handling of firearms.  My goal is to keep new shooters shooting, not scare them away thinking that all guns have "too much recoil." This class will allow each shooter to try many calibers and they will be shown the proper grip and technique to allow them to manage the recoil of any caliber.

Shoot safe, shoot straight, and I hope to see you on the range! Gary