I started Top Shot Firearms and Training in 2013 with a goal of sharing my knowledge with my students. 

My passion for firearms started when I was 6 and my father taught me how to shoot.  I advanced quickly from my Red Ryder BB gun to firing a multitude of firearms.  My father rose to the position of Chief of Police and head firearms instructor and allowed me to partake in the training available to his staff along the way.  Following in his footsteps I enrolled in Chadron State College in Nebraska and earn a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice emphasizing in Law enforcement.

I have worked in the firearms industry since I was 19 years old.  I have worked for several major retailers, buying and selling collectible firearms, managing gun departments, working as firearms instructor/range officer and now started my own business. 

My achievements and knowledge landed me on the cast of History Channel's Top Shot: Season 4 where I competed with firearms and weapons from every era against competitors from around the United States.  I competed for 12 weeks to achieve the title: Top Shot, but landed short, finishing 3rd in a field of 18 awesome competitors that included Olympians, world champions, Law Enforcement officers and military.   

Top Shot Firearms and training

Gary Shank

​NRA Certified Instructor

​    -Personal Defense Inside the          Home

​    -Personal Defense Outside the        Home

​    -Pistol

​    -Range Safety Officer

​-Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

​-Finalist of History's "Top Shot" Season 4

-Competitive Shooter in: USPSA, IDPA, SASS, 3-Gun

​-Certified Gunsmith

-Firearms appraiser 

​-NRA Life Member

​-FNRA Board Member