So, you have completed your Nevada Concealed carry class.  Now what?

Next, you need to take your certification to the Sheriff's office.  Preferably, the county in which you reside.  As indicated on the course description for the Nevada CCW there is a fee you will pay the Sheriff's office.  Currently this fee is just less than $100.  It includes: your fingerprinting, photograph for your CCW license and the processing of your application and background checks for the next 5 years. 

Processing takes up to 90-120 days.  You CANNOT carry your firearm concealed until you have your permit in hand.  Your permit will be mailed to you.  Once in hand, I hope you all will start carrying your personal defense firearm everyday so you will have it, if you ever need it.  But, lets hope that never happens. 

Your new Nevada CCW permit (residence only) will take the place of the background check that takes place each time you buy a new firearm.  Simply provide your valid ID (driver's license, normally) and your Nevada CCW and you will be able to take the newly purchased firearm with you any time a gun store is open (no longer do you have to confine your gun buying to 8AM-5:30PM.  Plus, you will no longer have to pay the $25 fee for the background check.   

IF you choose to send in for your Florida permit, you will need a few things.  You will need a copy of your Nevada CCW certification, a copy of your fingerprints, a 2"x2" Passport quality photograph, a copy of you valid state ID and the Florida application.  For $112, Florida will issue your CCW permit that will expand the states that you will be able to carry a concealed firearm and is good for 7 years.  

You can attain a copy of your fingerprints from the Sheriff's office when you are processing your Nevada CCW.  Most Sheriff's take your fingerprints electronically.  However, they will make you a "hard copy" of your fingerprints for a printing fee. 

Passport photos can be take at many places, here are a few: Post Offices, Costco, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart. 

The Utah CCW may also be worth getting as it adds a few extra states than just the Nevada and Florida permits alone.  See each section of my website to get a link to each states list of reciprocity, as they can change without notice.

More training is also an option.  My next class is Intermediate Handgun.  Intermediate Handgun takes the principles of firearms handling and holster work that we talk about in Nevada CCW and puts them into practice.  Click the link at the top of the page to see the details of what the class covers. 

Below is a set of links to any applicable out of state ccw. Just click on the state below to be linked to the website.  


Florida CCW

Arizona CCW

Virginia CCW

Oregon CCW